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About our Elite Service
1. How many bartenders do I need?

We suggest 1 bartender for every 85 people. After this service will begin to 
decline usually menaing your guests will have to wait for their drinks. 
Although are bartenders are the most skilled staff, they are only human:) 
You also have to consider the complications of the drinks served and general 
situation of the party. With that being said, we will provide one bartender 
for a thousand people if you like, but we certainly would not advise it.

2. Do you provide alcohol or mixers?

No, but the good news is, we help you compose an exact list of what you'll 
need. You don't want that option anyways, because anyone providing 
alcohol will add on an incredibly high upcharge. Through our unique 
and copyrighted alcohol calculator, you'll know how many bottles of 
everything needed. Upon our 30 day review call, we review each liquor to
 make sure your are covered. 

3. Can I do a cash bar?

No you can not. We WILL serve in any situation because we are only providing the staff, but keep in mind you are putting yourself at risk. The basic reason is: the government wants there tax money from each drink poured. So unless you want to go through the process of permitting/applications through the state, this is likely not a feasible or cost effective option. 

4. What comes with the bartender or wait staff?  

a. The skill to make any drink. Think of it like a full bar; they can make anything you want!
b. Insurance. The party will be covered by our Liquor liability and general liability.  
c. They will set up the bar. Our professionals expect a pile of beverage purchases and an empty bar set up. We will set everything from there. We actually prefer you don't set up the bar for us. We know how to set it up to ensure fast and professional service.

When you decide to reserve our staff, we immediately email you:
1. A copy of your receipt with the schedule of any/all future payments.

2. We schedule a conference call 30 days prior to your event.
We make sure the small details are coordinated well before your special day. However, we are available all day, every day, to answer your questions.

3. You'll receive 2 alcohol calculators and 3 alcohol guides. 
You will budget for the bar, save a lot of money, and learn how to guarantee the bar success. 

4. The day before, we send you an Event Overview. 
Information: who's bartending, locations, times, and everything discussed.

5. Does Elite Provide a bar?

We do not provide bars. HOWEVER, we work from tables for most events we service. Many times, these venues will provide tables for you. More information below.

Ideal Bar set up:
Regardless of bar set up, an extra platform behind us keeps the front bar clutter free; with an organized appearance. If possible, please provide additional table behind bartender for supplies. Ideally 2 tables (4x6 or 4x8) works best; and most venues will provide this if asked. You will want to rent linens for these tables as well. Black is best, as it does not show stains or spills. Ask your party rental company for proper linen sizes to cover.

You provide all of the disposable/consumable items, and we provide the tools and a trained staff to help execute a "hands off" party for the host. Each staff member will bring: shakers, strainers, cork screw, and bottle openers. You provide the beverages to drink; we provide the tools to serve them. Along the way, we provide you with more than enough support to ensure your gathering is a complete success!

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