Jacksonville, Florida 
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How long should my bar be open for my party, wedding, or event?
Important Considerations: Break down of how Elite's scheduled hours are best used. Elite has found the best amount of time for an open bar is about 4-5 Hours. Elite Private Bartenders offers a base rate for 5 hours. Below is the best use of your 5 hour party time with the bartender.

Set up: First hour of scheduled time.
This time is of greatest importance. Your bartender will expect to walk into a pile of supplies and a table or bar. They will open everything up, ice everything down, create a little display of whats available for guests, and generally turn this area into a polished bar setup. This almost always take a full hour. I (half jokingly) tell clients that if there's a bar and a bartender, we are like a black hole of fun:) Guests will naturally gravitate to this area for waters, drinks, questions, etc... If guests are there during set up, it sometimes creates delays in bar opening and a disorganized start. It may even take longer, if the bartender must move supplies from another area (like a refrigerator or freezer in another room).

1. You don't have to do it. You'll have other things to do that day, so it's one thing you wont have to worry about.

2. We set it up in the most efficient way to service your guests. There are many little tricks we do during set up that allow us to serve your guests effectively.

Breakdown: Last 1/2 hour of the bartender's scheduled time.
During this time the bar is still open; but typically it's not as busy. So the bartender will begin to consolidate obvious leftovers to make it easy for client to transport. Our goal: to leave it the way we found it (most things boxed up). Why are you telling me this Jeremy? --- Because we leave promptly after our scheduled end time; so please make sure your are comfortable with the bar closing at the end of the bartender's scheduled time.

Now that you are aware of some of the pros and cons, what would you like to do? Whatever you decide we will make it work!