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Event Bar Science? Is that a real thing?

We think so. Here's why: Elite has now seen over 2000 events and some unique patterns begin to emerge. The right amount of supplies, guest traffic patterns, guest behavior, layout implications, etc. With so many occasions served, Elite can quantify guest nuances and reactions to a variety of structures, scenarios, and offerings. Although this information is based from observations behind the bar, much can be applied to any part of your occasion. 

Common Unconsidered Guest Dynamics
Article: Open Bar Science

1. The consumption rate is a constant. What does this mean? It means that guests will consume the same amount regardless of what’s served. For instance, if you only wished to serve beer- people would just drink more beer.  

2.   Reducing the variety of drinks served doesn't have a meaningful effect on the budget. Hosts sometimes assume if they have 1 signature drink-beer+wine, the costs will be much lower. Although this can be slightly true, it only reduces costs by 5% at most.  

3. 97% of people will drink 1 of 4 alcohol types. I call them the "4 pillars" of any open bar. Vodka, whiskey, beer, and wine. *Remember consideration #1. You can provide all 4 pillars with the same budget. For example only: instead of getting 10 vodkas and 10 of the same mixer for one signature drink, ---instead get 5 whiskeys, 5 vodkas, 2 cranberry juices, 2 tonics, 2 soda waters, 2 cokes and 2 sprites. The result: Same bar-supply costs and more guests are able to receive the drink they wish.

4. General Guide: Consider "signature drinks" additional to the 4 pillars. 

It is important to remember, this is only a guide. We are happy to serve any type of drink selection, in any form, in any scenario. It's not that the bartenders "have to deal with it"... because it never matters to our bartender onsite. The info mentioned herein is specifically for *guest experience scenarios. Here's an example routinely seen with 25% + of guests ---when not serving all 4 pillars:  Guest sees a bar and a bartender. Guest goes up to the bar and ask for a whiskey and ginger. "We do not have whiskey, but we do have a signature drink" Guest: "what’s in that?" ...explained... "Okay, since you have vodka, can I have a Vodka tonic?" I am sorry, we don't have tonic, we are only serving the signature cocktail. Guest: Do you have cranberry for a vodka cranberry? Bar-No unfortunately not, we only have X+X ingredients for the one cocktail. Guest: "Bummer" (then wines/complains a bit) …I guess I'll have a beer" ---

*Bias Disclosure from Elite Private Bartenders: Yes, we realize we are overthinking this and getting way too detailed:) However, these are all true and typical scenarios seen first hand.

*Remember it's all the same to the us. The bar-work load is the same-regardless of whats being served. However, less drink variety is simpler for the bartenders.The benefit of these recommendations: A better guest experience with the same budget. 

Again please note, these are only recommendations/advice and may NOT apply to all circumstances. It's your occasion, and you're the boss :) ***We are excited to serve whatever you decide. All we need is a table or bar; and all the supplies. Whatever bar-ingredients provided, we’ll make it work.

Hope this helps!

Elite Private Bartender Co.
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