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Advice on Heavy Drinkers and Kegs
For specific scenarios, you'll have to prorate our suggested amounts as best you can, as every group is different. Mixers, ice calculations, and more are included in your calculator. I've also provide some quick answers below in an effort to help with your planning.

Kegs and Ice----
Please read below. You an also find this information within the 3 Secret Bar Tips attachment, but I have copied below for your convenience. Hope this helps! Ice is #1 and Kegs are #3. -- Kegs are typically not recommended; read why below.

My guests are heavy drinkers...
We base the calculators on weddings and parties. It is common to believe your guests will drink more than advised in the calculators, but generally you'll be surprised to find over purchasing only leaves you with a bunch of left overs. However, this may not be a bad thing:)

Keep reading. Hope this helps!


1. How much ice should I get for my party? Especially if you are serving liquor and have beer on ice; you'll want to get about 1.5lbs of ice per person. Sounds like too much right? Consider this: You’ll use 50% in the first 5 minutes to ice down beer (or 20% for keg) and white wine; and you definitely want ice for cocktails. More is always better. Worst case scenario, you’re out 10 bucks. Where to put all of this ice? Coolers are very expensive! Instead, purchase the large Tupperware containers (at Walmart) for about 5 dollars each. For a 5-6hour occasion, the ice won’t melt. You just need something that won’t leak.

3. Beer: Kegs vs Bottles
Unfortunately, the beer dispenses at a slow rate. This commonly results in a significant increase in waiting time for the guests. *Think about this: Pumping and pouring one beer may take 30-60seconds. If you have 60 people waiting for a beer, it may be 1-hour before the last person gets a drink.

Elite’s suggested alternative: Contrary to common belief, it’s actually LESS expensive to purchase bottled or canned beer. You actually get more beer by purchasing bottles with the same budget. And the best part, you take the left overs home with you!

To answer your question...Although not recommended, if you decide to provide a keg, you would need about 20% less ice. Yes you would need to ice for the keg, which would be included in the remaining 80% of ice. You can use the calculator to find out the amount fo ice needed by entering your guest count, then subtract 20% of that amount of ice during your purchase.