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Jax Bartender Hiring Guide 
Hiring guide for Jacksonville bartenders at my birthday party, wedding, or corporate event. A guide to hiring a bartender in north Florida.

We are Jacksonville’s premier bartender service for hire. Most new clients have never hired a bartender before. We want to be your resource for information when determining which service will be best for you. Here are some tips for your staffing needs.

1. A professional bartender service company.

Could you go down to the local watering holes and ask one of their bartenders to work your party? Sure you could, but it's a risky endeavor if your party is important to you. All too often, we receive last minute calls because their bartender has cancelled last minute or has stopped returning calls. 

Find a professional company which will guarantee an experienced bartender who doesn't fit the bar lifestyle. A professional bartender and wait staff company such as www.jaxbartenders.com or www.eliteprivatebartenders.com will only provide professional members of our staff in Jacksonville, FL. What does that mean? Well, it typically means that the individual is an experienced bartender; but also has a day job, a family, and a sense of responsibility. These are true professionals in experience and character.

2. Insured Company

Although this seems like a no-brainer, many companies will claim to have insurance when in fact they do not. Ask them for a copy of their insurance policy to make sure you and your guests are covered. They should send this to you along with a professional proposal. 

What to look for on their policy:
A. liquor liability
B. general liability
C. additional insurance is also important, especially if this is a corporate function.

3. Your bartender services provide turnkey and additional options for your event.

They should provide turnkey options for your event. Can they handle a total bar set up, ice, and consultation? All of these options should be included in the professional quote.

Additional bartender information in Jacksonville: RED FLAGS

1. They don't have insurance. They are hesitant to provide a copy of their policy.
2. They do not have a professional quote. 
3. They don't answer the phone in the morning and it takes more than an hour for them to call you back.
4. It takes them more than 3 days to send you a quote.

I hope this helps in your search for the perfect bartender! Please feel free to visit our website for more information on how Jax Bartender can make your special day a success!

Jax Bartender
Jacksonville Beach, FL
Website: www.JaxBartender.com

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